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All presentations are in PDF format - Just click on the picture to view/download.

  • 2015 November, CTAHR - College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, Hawaii, USA.
  • 2015 August 4-8, CATAS Rubber Research Institute visit to CTAHR, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
  • 2014 November, CATAS-RRI - Rubber Research Institute, Hainan, China.
    FRI - Flower Research Institute, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Yunnan, China.
    • 7.9 MB.
  • 2013 July 22-28, Entrepreneurship Education; Cagayan de Oro, Phillipines
    • Follow up to the January workshops, part of NREM's UPLOAD JOBS for Mindanao Project. These presentations were prepared before last-minute schedule and venue changes were made due to security concerns. The actual presentations were summarized from these.
    • Biz Profitability - 4.9 MB.
    • A 5-Page Biz Plan - 3.8 MB.
    • Tracking Your Biz Startup - 1.7 MB.
    • Managing Your Biz Model - 2.4 MB.
  • 2013 May, CATAS - Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, Hainan, China.
    • CATAS is a leading academic center in China's tropical agriculture.
    • 2.3 MB.
  • 2013 Jan 3-11, Entrepreneurship and Preparation of Business Plans; Cotabato, Phillipines
    • Three workshops and one lunch seminar as part of the University Partnership Linking OSY (out-of-school youth) to Agri-Entreneurship and Development for Job Opportunities and Business Scale-Up for Mindanao (UPLOAD JOBS for Mindanao) Project.
    • Intro To Mgt Team: 5.9 MB.
    • Biz Plan, Idea, Test: 5.4 MB.
    • Marketing Strategies, Tools: 3.4 MB.
    • Biz Transition Mgt: 4.6 MB.
  • 2012 Nov 1-2, MFGA- Maui Flower Growers' Association
    • Met with Maui growers in Kahului and Hana.
    • 8.3 MB.
  • 2012 Oct 16-17, FRI- Flower Research Institute, Kunming, China
    • Invited talks by leading tissue culture lab in the Yunan Province.
    • Tissue Culture Business Mgt: 8.2 MB.
    • Cost Effective Tissue Culture: 4 MB.
  • 2012 Aug 25 to Sep 15, HCC - Hawaii Community College, Hawaii Island, Hawaii
    • Provided five 4-hour workshops that were part of a class on Farm Business Plan Development provided to new farmers and others interested in agribusiness.
    • Workshop 1: 3.7 MB.
    • Workshop 2: 2.5 MB.
    • Workshop 3: 4.5 MB.
    • Workshop 4: 2.4 MB.
    • Workshop 5: 2.3 MB.
  • 2012 July, CATAS - Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, Hainan, China.
    • CATAS is a leading academic center in China's tropical agriculture.
    • 3.3 MB.