My instructional goal is to train and develop the next generation of Hawaii's agribusiness entrepreneurs and managers with an emphasis on applied strategic management principles.

I have made use of my coaching background to improve instruction delivery and to incorporate modern applied business management principles to help students acquire a deeper understanding of the material. I also use participatory learning techniques to develop those skills needed in progressive business environments such as team work and collaborations.

My revised curriculum has resulted in increased enrollment and positive student evaluations, as well as increased motivation and interest in the critical and analytical aspects behind practical agribusiness management.

I am also developing an undergraduate course on tissue culture and liners production from a perspective of applied biotechnology for nursery production.

Undergraduate Courses

Graduate Courses

TPSS 351 | NREM 351 Enterprise Management

A 3-credit course part of the core curriculum introduces practical concepts, methods, and range of strategies used in successful business management. Facilitate student’s practice of analytical and critical thinking through case studies. Cross-listed as NREM 351. The overall goals are:

  1. To introduce a broad range of business strategies available to manage a business. 
  2. To enhance the student’s knowledge and understanding of the critical role that appropriate management strategies play in any successful business ventures.
  3. To facilitate student’s practice of analytical and critical thinking through role playing and participatory learning.

TPSS 430 Nursery Management

An elective course for 3 credits taught every other year meets for 2 lectures and a 3 hr lab weekly. The course approach has been revised to provide a deeper understanding of what it involves to become a nursery manager, owner, or employable by large agribusinesses, and to develop practical skills needed in the next generation of Hawaii’s nursery managers or owners. Emphasis is on the strategic thinking behind setting up a nursery business and modern applied business management principles. The class includes broad integrative experiences starting from choosing nursery business models, strategizing production, financial and marketing plans, to the actual sale of plants as a way to test run their business models and products. Participatory learning techniques such as team work and collaborations are essential for this class.

TPSS 711 Special Topics: Project and Productivity Mgt.

This class helps graduate students learn how to accomplish the goals and objectives of their graduate program and future career in a more balanced, less stressful manner. The class focuses on organization principles to the definition of goals and projects, management of personal effort, and selection of personal organization and time management systems that are suitable to their particular styles of work. Individual changes result in improved personal and team productivity, in addition to learning techniques to minimize environmental distractions.